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Armadillo Run 2.1

Armadillo Run 1.0.5 is a puzzle game that´s based on physics simulation
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Armadillo Run 1.0.5 is a puzzle game that´s based on physics simulation. The purpose of this game is to lead an armadillo (bent over itself, forming a ball) from a point in the space to the another point. For doing so, you will have to build structures that, combined with the gravity force, will allow the armadillo to get to the point you want. Each possible structure will have different properties. You will have to combine several building materials to achieve your goal. Armadillo Run has several levels, and the difficulty will increase as you advance from a level to another. The demo version will allow you to play only the first level. At the beginning of each level, you will see the armadillo and the target point, that will be indicated by a blue circle. You can pick the components you will like to use to build a path for the lost armadillo. Once you consider that the structure will be able to lead it to its destination, you should press the Start button and the gravity will become activated, letting you test the structure you built.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s addictive


  • It needs a very powerful machine to work smoothly
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